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Kinderwood Farms was founded on the principles of sustainability, self-care, and food sovereignty. We are grateful to share our journey and experience, in public or private settings, through outreach and education in the form of culinary classes, homesteading workshops, baby goat yoga classes, and immersive farm stays.

How It Works


Step One

Choose the activity you would like to book – either a farm stay, a goat yoga class, or a workshop


Step Two

Pick the date that you would like to come to the farm and have your experience


Step Three

Book your activity! It’s as simple as that

Services We Offer

Bed & Breakfast

Nestled in an enchanting forest of redwood trees and ferns, lies a treasured, eco-friendly/sustainable nano-farm, waiting for you to explore & enjoy. Stay in our on farm suite and experience firsthand the bounty and beauty of life on a small mountain homestead in the bay area.

Goat Yoga

#GOATyoga will be scheduled whenever we have enough babies to facilitate a class. Follow us on Instagram for updates or check our calendar for classes.

Farm Experiences

Looking for the opportunity to reconnect for an afternoon with nature, ​animals, and the food you eat? We offer a variety of culinary workshops and animal activities for private groups in which to immerse yourself in the homesteading lifestyle.


Let’s be honest: no one is here to sweat. We’re here for the tiny hooves and the bleats. Forget the planks and down dogs, and bring on the baby goats.”

Georgia Johnson, Good Times

Goat Yoga is the most ridiculous bit of fun your summer is lacking. When I think about yoga, tranquility, focus, and stylish yoga gear come to mind. But add goats to the mix and all the seriousness leaves the atmosphere.”

Ann Carin Niland, Growing Up SC

We’ve spent the whole morning sitting and chatting with our host. She’s around our age and has had a really interesting career path that led her to goat farming and Airbnb hosting. Also, holding a baby goat is the best stress reliever ever. We could honestly have stayed there all day.”

Travel Diaries, Refinery29

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